03 February 2013

Live your life by the Golden Donut Part II - 89/100

The Golden Donut in UTC San Diego is not affiliated to the North Park Golden Donut but the two could be sisters.  This one has a higher variety of donuts.  There are powdered donut holes which are really unique and good to me.  There is an orange frosted donut and there's also an orange frosted with sprinkles on it.  There is a good selection of pastries and muffins in addition to the donuts.

I couldn't fit the entire donut display case in one picture!  It's 6 panels long and the reflections were wreaking havoc on me.  I couldn't get a great picture of the front either, but for good reason, there were so many people sitting outside at the tables eating donuts and drinking coffee.  There's an indoor seating area too and really nice people running the place.  

There's some different beverages, coffee drinks, and cream cheese breakfast sandwiches available too and their location is money.  There is an elementary school right across the street, a high school nearby too, and UCSD is a quick stop away.  They got a great spot for peddling the sugar goods to students!

Now I went for the "Butterfly" which is like two cinnamon rolls molded together into the shape of a fat butterfly.  It was real good, I doubt it was day fresh since it was the last one in the case and all the way in the front.  It did have great flavor and cinnamon on top and the donut holes were great too.

Golden Donut
4041 Governor Drive @ Genesse Ave
San Diego, CA 92122

Quick Score - 9 - Fun place
Donut Quality - 8 - Very good quality
Donut Selection - 9 - Big selction
Donut Freshness - 8 - Pretty good freshness
Service - 10 - Very friendly and helpful
Extras - 8 - Other chocies here and there, seating
Appeal - 10 - High appeal factor
Emotion - 9 - Felt well satiated after
Other's Rating - 8 - 4/5 stars average rating on Yelp
Price - 5 - Fair
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Donut holes including powdered, not just glazed.
Total - 89

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