12 February 2013

Storm's a'brewin' !!

Donutjourney's been silent but things are just building up to go crazy.  The anticipation has just been building up.  It's going to be like a slow moving storm crossing the nation.  Two weeks of donut glory across America!  Tour Dates are:

Thursday 2/14 Somewhere in CA
Friday 2/15 Las Vegas, NV
Saturday 2/16 Flagstaff, AZ
Sunday 2/17  Albuquerque, NM 
Monday 2/18 Amarillo, TX
Tuesday 2/19 Oklahoma City, OK
Wednesday 2/20  Austin, TX
Thursday 2/21 San Antonio, TX
Friday 2/22 Houston, TX
Saturday 2/23 New Orleans, LA
Sunday 2/24  Jackson, MS
Monday 2/25 Memphis, TN
Tuesday 2/26 Nashville, TN
Wednesday 2/27 Lexington, KY
Thursday 2/28 Blacksburg, VA
Friday 3/1 Richmond, VA

Look for a healthy eating blog after the madness ends!

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