03 December 2012

Live your life by the Golden Donut - 90/100

Another San Diego winner-Golden Donut in Northpark.  This donut shop has the added benefit of being in the same strip shopping center as the Olympic Cafe, a great Greek diner.  I've never been to any of the other eateries in the cluster but a donut after a gyros scramble is all I ever need.

Now I will admit the Golden Donut does not have the largest donut counter in San Diego with endless varieties, they more than make up with delicious favorites.  On this occasion, I selected a glazed donut with chocolate sprinkles and this thing was legit.  Doughy with medium density, it served as a good base for the sugar glaze and sprinkles.  And sprinkles rule, they are one of my favorite toppings for donuts.

And the customer service has always been primo.  One weekday morning I went in there for a dozen to take into work when they got slammed with customers and there just weren't enough in the case to fill my order.  All I had to do was hang out at the counter with my coffee for a couple minutes while they rushed a fresh batch for me, the donuts were so fresh they laid them down separately in the box so the glazes wouldn't run all over each other.  There is absolutely nothing better than a fresh hot donut, I'm just lucky I didn't wolf the whole box down right there.  

A shape was forming in my coffee, looked a little like a donut

Patience is a virtue at the donut shop, just like any other place.  This shop also has a little more of a 'hang out' feel than other places that feel like a line you up, grab a donut, get out, eat it somewhere else.  I just want to read the weekly paper, sip coffee, inhale donuts, and forget about work the next day.  

Do it, go to 
Golden Donut
2360 University Ave Louisiana & Texas St)
San Diego, CA. 92104

Quick Score - 9 - Fun place
Donut Quality - 8 - Very good quality
Donut Selection - 6 - Good number of choices, sometimes can't keep up with morning rush
Donut Freshness - 10 - Always seems fresh
Service - 10 - Fast, friendly, patient, helpful
Extras - 9 - Not sure, but great location
Appeal - 10 - Very appealing to me
Emotion - 10 - I feel like a 10 after leaving
Other's Rating - 8 - 4/5 stars average rating on Yelp!
Price - 5 - fair pricing
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Delicious donut holes available.
Total - 90


  1. I have fond memories of this donut shop. The shape in your coffee is fascinating, almost like some sign or prophecy.

  2. I remember one time we went in and and I studied the case for a long time like I was deep in thought only to announce, "I'll have a plain glazed". I've come a long way in my donut prowess since then.