24 February 2013

Best Apple Fritter Of My Life @ BB Donuts - 92/100

Nice, one day after my vow to not taint my palette with non-donut items, I had a croissant breakfast sandwich at BB Donuts, my Houston stop.  I couldn't help it, I eat tacos all the time in San Diego but I can't actually remember the last time I ate a croissant.  BB's won awards for its croissants so it seemed the way to go.  The croissant was good.  Flaky and buttery I could imagine it would be great for a hamburger (which they serve, also fried rice) but for the breakfast sandwhich the ham, egg, and cheese were only lukewarm and pretty forgettable.

But when it came to donuts they made an amazing apple fritter.  This thing was fried crispy on the outside, slightly greasy on the inside, super portions of apple inside the soft and doughy center.  I mix in apple fritters into my donut rotation pretty often and I truly believe this was the greatest apple fritter I've ever had.  It was still warm inside but even when I ate the other half in the car ride to New Orleans and it wasn't hot anymore, it was still just as delicious.  Only in a different way since the grease had merged back into the dough making it great on another level.

I had the glazed too since everyone's donut shop has been recommending that and it was too sweet.  I am beginning to wonder if my hypothesis is true that donuts are sweeter in the East than the West and I'm starting to see the transformation as I travel East.   They didn't have the hugest selection of donuts but there would be plenty other options for me if I ever found myself in Houston again.  

BB Donuts
515 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX

Quick Score - 8 - This is a really cool and fun place.
Donut Quality - 9 - The apple fritter was unbelievable but the glazed donut didn't do it for me.
Donut Selection - 8 - Not a huge selection but the standards covered and a little of everything.
Donut Freshness - 10 - Good surety of fresh donuts
Service - 10 - Excellent service!
Extras - 10 - 10 with the award winning croissants, sandwiches, burgers, fried rice, etc.
Appeal - 8 - In a strip shopping center but still great seating, people, etc.
Emotion - 10 - Big emotional boost from the amazing apple fritter.
Other's Rating - 9 - 4.5/5 average rating on Yelp 
Price - 5 - Very low prices that make everything really affordable.
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Glazed donut holes available.
Total - 92

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