12 January 2013

More Richmond Donuts @ Country Style Donuts - 66/100

Country Style Donuts is a Richmond donut shop that does all your traditional donuts.  This is a good combo to do with Dixie Donuts because you can get good variation between the two and you can buy a giant cinnamon roll here if you so desire.  

24 hours too!  Nice touch for the RVA.  

I had a raised maple donut and I was shocked by the sweetness.  You are hearing from a guy who can down sugar with the best of them.  It was actually too sweet. Me, done in by sweetness!  Even with a black coffee alongside, I couldn't handle it.  It was a rare defeat.

I enjoyed the donut holes but was a little bummed out they must be purchased in a certain denomination.  I forget what it was, something like 10 or 12 at a time.  Prices were fine but I'll pay a dime or whatever per hole just as someone on a donut journey, sometimes I don't want to have leftovers.  

In fact, service wasn't so hot. Between the donut hole explanation, the displeasure on his part that I didn't have anything smaller than a $20 bill, and the delivery that came in through the front door, pallets being loaded through the place while we're trying to get out of the way, it definitely ranks as the lowest customer service experience I've had in my donut journey.  

I will definitely go back to Country Style again to see if it works better for me next time.

Country Style Donuts
4300 Williamsburg Road
Richmond, VA. 23231

Quick Score - 5 - Eh
Donut Quality - 6 - Too sweet!
Donut Selection - 10 - Lost of choices
Donut Freshness - 6 - Donut holes did not taste so fresh
Service - 4 - Eh
Extras - 9 - Open 24 hours, good for the RVA
Appeal - 5 - Eh
Emotion - 3 - Eh
Other's Rating - 8 - 4.5/5 stars average rating on Yelp! but my Dad didn't enjoy too much either
Price - 5 - fair pricing
Donut Dunkability - 5 .
Total - 66

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