13 January 2013

My Twin Experience in the NYC - 78/100

Twin Donut Plus is a happening place!  Not only do they have the coveted 24 hours, they got a bevy of donuts and a busy sandwich counter going.  On a Sunday afternoon they were really going at full force.  It is a very good place to get a lot of different things whether it be food, coffee, or donuts.  Big selection, nice donut display cases illuminating the wondrous products, and very capable counter servers make this a truly efficient operation.  Twin Donuts have many locations in New York but the plus is the additional food options available here.  And I know they had cupcakes and some specialty coffee drinks too.

I was again victimized by the donut hole denomination rule that kept me from just buying a couple to sample, I had to get a certain number at a time.  Those tasted a little like they were lying around. No biggie, I'm in New York, I kept it all in perspective.  Plus, they did offer both white and chocolate donut holes.  But then I was done in by another donut that was too sweet!  I had the black and white frosted donut and I couldn't handle the icing.  Is this an East Coast trend I will be dealing with now that I've decided to move from the West Coast?  I hope that it is just the luck of the draw right now.  Fortunately, my brother Tim's Bavarian Creme was "remarkably light and not too sweet - indeed, it was rather elegant"  I know what to get next time!

The outdoor seating area was pretty nice and even though I didn't really get a good picture of my donuts,  I thought their bag was really fun and perfect for the business and worthy of a photo.

Twin Donut Plus
5099 Broadway (Inwood)
New York, New York, 10034

Quick Score - 7 - Efficient, popular place, twins
Donut Quality - 7 - Too sweet for my donut palette but it was luck of the draw
Donut Selection - 8 - Lost of choices
Donut Freshness - 7 - Suspicious freshness on the donut holes
Service - 8 - Fast but disappointed in the donut hole situation
Extras - 9 - Cuban sandwiches, cupcakes, seating, etc
Appeal - 9 - Twins
Emotion - 7 - I still felt like I had a good time there
Other's Rating - 7 - 3/5 stars average rating on Yelp! but Tim had a great donut.
Price - 5 - fair pricing
Donut Dunkability - 4 - Donut holes available, different types of coffee
Total - 78

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