06 January 2013

A delight in the RVA @ Dixie Donuts - 89/100

Yes!  I now have a great go-to donut place when I'm back in Richmond, Virginia and my Dad might be back there all the time.  Dixie Donuts is right in Carytown and a perfect donut option with nice sized cake donuts. It is really cool they've gone with one size, not too big, not too small.  And most of them are a buck a piece which makes the spending easy.  

 I had an Oreo donut and Dad had a Samoa donut so these were both based on cookies and the Samoan did taste like the Girl Scout cookie of the same name.  I took home a Chocolate Gingerbread Spice and ate the next day and it was another great choice and still soft and tasty.  We were both extremely pleased.

Check out the Facebook page too, great donut photos, way better than mine!!!

Great coffee too, a plus one compared to most donut shop coffee.  They have their own little parking lot which is helpful.  I see that addition of a small seating area will help this place and greatly assist with all the Carytown shoppers who need to sit down during a quick donut fix.

Get your delight at:

Dixie Donuts  
2901 West Cary Street 
Richmond, VA. 23221

Quick Score - 9 - Great, great, great
Donut Quality - 10 - Top notch
Donut Selection - 9 - All original creations, they do close down after all sell out
Donut Freshness - 10 - Fresh daily
Service - 10 - Perfect
Extras - 5 - No extra products needed but the coffee is great
Appeal - 7 - Small seating area would make this a 10
Emotion - 10 - This place pushed all my buttons
Other's Rating - 9 - 3.5/5 stars average rating on Yelp! but my Dad really enjoyed it like me
Price - 5 - Sweet pricing deal with a buck a donut
Donut Dunkability - 5 - No donut holes but smaller size donut accommodates dunking
Total - 89

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