30 January 2013

Donuts built and assembled for me @ Donut Factory - 76/100

Donut Factory is a North Park donut shop right on 30th St.  This is pretty much in-between both Golden Donut and San Diego's Finest Donuts so when it is time to do my donut crawl I am going to have them all ready on my donut feasting map.  Talk about a donut bender!  I'll be found passed out in a alley covered in sprinkles and powdered sugar.  Afterwards there will be an intervention, I'll get hauled into donut rehab, I'll keep escaping and binging on donuts, until the transformation completes and I turn into a donut myself.  What a journey I have embarked upon.

What you get at Donut Factory is a medium sized donut case presenting the best basic donuts you can enjoy.  There's nothing crazy here, it is a simple donut house that offers some other sandwiches and snacks.  I did see an orange donut mixed in there so you can definitely find some gems.  They had a mountain of donut holes and that is always a good sign.  I saw a couple frosted donuts with some pretty heavy duty sprinkling applied, lots of different colors and shapes.  I settled on a cinnamon sugar donut and maybe it could have used a little more cinnamon, but it was really good.  The donut holes were light and fluffy and well basted.

 There is a cluster of table/stool apparatuses that make up a pretty remarkably symmetrical seating area within the space.  And there's a little parking lot which is pretty helpful for being so close to the heart of North Park.  On the other hand, it loses a little charm not being one of the sidewalk front buildings and is next to an auto parts store.  I really wish they would play up the 'Factory' part of their name.  Do a little mural of donuts running through an assembly line, rolling down a conveyor belt.  There could be factory workers painted on the wall marching along in their overalls, punching in the time clock, going to work in a donut manufacturing plant.  The menu board could be broken up into different sections titled "Sandwich Assembly", "Donut Production", etc.  Something to add a little originality and charm to the place.

Donut Factory
4007 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104

Quick Score - 6 - Pretty good donuts but overall lacking character
Donut Quality - 8 - I think they do a decent job on the standard donut types
Donut Selection - 7 - Lots in stock, but not a huge selection
Donut Freshness - 10 - Felt morning fresh to me
Service - 10 - Terrific counter service
Extras - 7 - Snacks, Smoothies, stuff like the hot dog feel out of place to me
Appeal - 5 - Would be really cool if it had some North Park-like appeal 
Emotion - 6 - Lack of charm may have lowered my emotional score
Other's Rating - 7 - 3.5/5 average rating on Yelp 
Price - 5 - No surprises here
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Donut holes available
Total - 76/100

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