27 January 2013

I loved me some Donuts @ OB Donuts - 84/100

There has been something wrong with me all along, I have not gotten any donuts in OB!  There is a duh factor in the whole situation but I made it and now I've crossed another off my donut bucket list.  This place is on Sunset Cliffs Blvd in a mini-strip of shops/restaurants so while it does not have the charm of Newport Ave it's a very convenient location.

Dudes working in this place were hustling.  It was busy in the morning and it was a happening system.  I'm just embarrassed that I can't choose a dozen donuts and know in my head as I'm rattling off flavors when I've hit 12.  I should know this by now.  Instead, I have to feel like some amateur who has to keep asking how many I have left to choose.  I have to cut myself some slack because I hadn't had any coffee yet, but it's a skill I have to master.

Standard solid selection of donuts here with everything in stock and it was obvious the kitchen was still pumping out more for the day ahead.  I wish I had a picture of the dozen stacked inside the pink box because they were aligned perfectly.  The guy working had a definite plan on box-filling and executed it flawlessly.  Then they got a big ol' pile of donut holes behind the counter they throw in automatically.

I had a chocolate frosted buttermilk just so I could do a recent comparison to the Goodys glazed buttermilk donut experience.  This one was a little hard, didn't appear to be a freshness issue, perhaps just an overcooked issue.  Great chocolate frosting.  The donut holes were good, a little pale.  They didn't achieve that golden brown hue I'm accustomed to, but despite the light color, they were suitably tasty.  

OB Donuts
1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd
San Diego, CA. 92107

Quick Score - 7 - Solid donut hookup
Donut Quality - 8 - Again, solid
Donut Selection - 8 - Great major selection, nothing exotic
Donut Freshness - 8 - Morning fresh donuts
Service - 9 - Highly competent donut workers
Extras - 8 - There's breakfast sandwiches, bagels, different types of coffee drinks
Appeal - 8 - Missing the ultimate OB feel, but still has the ultimate OB clientele
Emotion - 9 - Really enjoyed the highly efficient nature of the operation
Other's Rating - 9 - This place has a 4.5/5 average rating on Yelp
Price - 5 - Fair prices, donut holes thrown in as a perk
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Good to go
Total - 84

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