18 December 2012

An Experiment - The Gluten Free Frozen Donut

Now, I have no plans to regularly review store bought donuts.  Y'know it's a slippery slope where I begin innocently with grocery store bakery reviews of some packaged donuts and the slide goes down to the point where I'm ruminating on different brands of powdered donuts sold in vending machines.  No, I'm not going there, but this was a totally different case.  First, I have never seen a frozen donut in the store.  Second, it looked amazing on the box (Is it just me, or are they making gluten free food look so much better in pictures??).  Third, it's unique in that it is gluten free, diary free, even nut free (although they're just piling on the certifications at that point)  Even the check out person at the grocery store couldn't believe how good they looked on the box.  Plus, she mentioned her husband has to eat gluten free and she had no idea the store started carrying these.

A huge perk of this situation is the knowledge that you will be "cooking" the donut and eating it warm which I believe is one of the greatest food moments a person can feel.  Fresh and room temperature is one thing, but fresh and still warm?  That is magic.
So you can do these in the microwave straight from the freezer, or you can thaw and heat in the microwave for less time.  The most it will take is 35 seconds from the freezer and that is above the recommendation but I found it reached the ultimate "melt in your mouth"  setting when I doubled the recommendations on the package.

It tastes really, really good!  The icing is very sweet and it's a great small donut.  It's dense enough to handle the icing and the vanilla is perfect.  It's downright awesome.  It's not healthy.  It still packs a wallop on your daily values and you never know what you're getting in a donut shop, but these numbers sound right on for what you'd usually expect.  A little expensive too.  I think it was $6.50 for a 6 pack.

All in all, a really great idea and really great execution.  They make more varieties too: pumpkin spice, chocolate dipped, cinnamon sugar, and maple glazed.  Albertsons only sold the vanilla glazed but but this could just be the start!

Give it a shot:
Kinnikinnick Foods - Gluten Free Donuts

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