15 December 2012

Getting some Donut Love at Country Donuts - 93/100

One rainy morning I stopped off at the Country Donuts in Lakeside to grab a dozen for work and right when I walked though the door I knew I was going to be happy.  They had a great selection and lots of different sprinkle/glaze combinations to astound the eye.  They even make the orange donut!

It is a great location right off the 67 and nearby cheap gas.  Superfriendly owner and customers.  And really good prices!  I don't pay attention to price so I can't compare for sure.  I mean, who am I kidding?  I'll pay whatever for a donut, I'm totally oblivious while giving my money away for donuts.  But I think these are the best prices I've had.  8 bucks for a dozen?!?  A buck and a quarter for 14 donut holes?!?  Really good.

And the donuts are fresh and doughy and push all my buttons.  I've been on a chocolate chip kick with donuts ever since Spudnuts and this place had a couple different chip combinations with glazes.  I focused on a white glazed donut with chocolate chips it was the right amount of vanilla and chocolate combination.

I love the pink box of a dozen donuts and imagining what they're all doing in there together while the lid is closed.  The mind goes wild imagining the donut orgy taking place in there when I'm swerving around a corner and donuts are mashing up against one another.  My donut got some pink icing on one side from another in the box and I really enjoy when something random like that gives me an extra flavor to throw into the mix.  Y'know my vanilla glazed was rubbing all over that pink icing lovely while I was on my way to work.  It's just a big box of donut love that gives you even greater satisfaction when finally chowing down on your chosen one.

Country Donuts
12169 Woodside Ave
Suite C
Lakeside, CA 92040

Quick Score - 10 - Really enjoyed it
Donut Quality - 9 - Near top quality
Donut Selection - 10 - Large selection
Donut Freshness - 10 - Very fresh
Service - 10 - Great service
Extras - 6 - Just great donuts
Appeal - 10 - Very neighborly
Emotion - 10 - I was busting with goodness
Other's Rating - 8 - 4/5 stars average rating on Yelp!
Price - 5 - fair pricing
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Delicious donut holes available.
Total - 93

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