25 February 2013

Wonderful Buttermilk Drops in New Orleans @ Buttermilk Drop Bakery - 90/100

I made a great detour on my donut journey on my New Orleans stop over at The Buttermilk Drop Bakery in the Seventh Ward.  It was just earlier in the week I saw the news stories about the baker, Dwight Henry, and his acting role in Beasts of the Southern Wild.  

This place has a really cool vibe and a great stacked donut case.  They don't have the most diverse selection available.  There are mainly regular glazed donut varieties, a few alternate flavors mixed in.  The buttermilk drop itself is a great alternative to the traditional donut hole.  It's a large ball of buttermilk with the glaze, dropped down on top of it, running down the sides, and coating the ball.  They're large and several bites larger than a donut hole but a great item.  The buttermilk has a brown outer fried coat with a soft white center.  I saw a little inconsistency between one drop to another.  They were good but I saw the dough as a little sloppy in a couple and the glaze distribution lacking on some.

There is also lots of soul food dishes available along with breakfast sandwiches and platters.  It really is a full service place.  Coffee was being sold at a separate table on the side.  Like they have another neighbor come in and sell the fresh coffee along with coffee and tea beans to go.  It was a pretty cool little setup.

Buttermilk Drop Bakery and Cafe
1781 North Dorgenois Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Quick Score - 8 - Sweet vibe and great donuts.
Donut Quality - 6 - The famed buttermilk drop was a little inconsistent, the regular glazed donut was just okay.
Donut Selection - 8 - Not a huge donut selection but huge quantities present.
Donut Freshness - 10 - Daily goodness
Service - 8 - Good counter help, busy place
Extras - 10 - Soul food kitchen too
Appeal - 11 - Extra point b/c of the great design murals on the ceiling inside the shop and on the roof outside, and the famous local baker/actor.
Emotion - 10 - Big emotional boost from being able to be at this place, it was remarkable.
Other's Rating - 9 - 4.5/5 average rating on Yelp 
Price - 5 - Low prices
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Buttermilk drops add another dimension to dunkability.
Total - 90

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