16 February 2013

Major Donut Culinary Success @ Real Donuts - 94/100

I finally dragged myself over to Real Donuts #1 in Las Vegas, all those past Vegas trips, I never got here!  I was too late to get any fresh donut holes but it's a great sign they had already sold out of those in the morning, a good sign of popularity.  And they still had grab-bags of cake donut holes and they're mixed varieties which was a great alternative.  Especially for those who want to throw them into the donut sampling mix.

There were great looking donuts to be eaten here.  The Bavarian Creams were bursting with filling, popping out the top of the donuts.  There was a blueberry I had with a light glaze on top.  This one tasted a little dry for me, but hey, that's what dunking in coffee is for!

Brian from Real Donuts
"Texas" donuts are made here so you can get your giant glazed and chocolate iced.  This place has something even greater, "Alaska" donuts that are big enough for a pizza box!  You can get these special ordered and I can't count all the special occasions an "Alaska" would come in handy.

I also got a "Volcano" buttermilk that had the cream filling busting up through the top and some great chocolate around the rim.  It was definitely a great choice.

Real Donuts
1811 W Charleston Blvd
Las VegasNV 89102

Quick Score - 10 - My Vegas connection for donuts is complete.
Donut Quality - 9 - Great stuff
Donut Selection - 9 - Very impressed with some uniqueness I haven't seen elsewhere and the giant sized donuts
Donut Freshness - 9 - I gotta believe these are kept very fresh and up to date with all the traffic that must go through here.
Service - 10 - Very helpful and a great group of people.
Extras - 10 - Between the different types of cake donut holes, the different giant donuts, the seating area, the cupcakes, their plans for more pastry treats will only make this even better.
Appeal - 10 - High appeal factor b/c it's in Vegas and now a great donut hookup is right there.
Emotion - 8 - I might have overdone it on the cake front this visit but I was still really psyched.
Other's Rating - 9 - 4.5/5 average rating on Yelp.
Price - 5 - Finally, something cheap in Vegas!
Donut Dunkability - 5 - The cake donut holes and blueberry were great to dunk.
Total - 94

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