14 February 2013

Donut Glory @ VG Bakery - 86/100

I kicked off my donut journey at VG in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and what a start.  I was very impressed with the largeness of the donut holes.  They were the biggest I'd ever had.  Maybe not the greatest, I wasn't overly impressed by the dough and the glaze on top but still quite different than any other California donut shop.

There's a big long donut counter that also involves the muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. This truly feels like a real hardcore sweets bakery.  I'd really like to be in there first thing in the morning with the open kitchen they have, my mind goes wild with the thought of witnessing all the donuts being made up for the day.

I'm pleased I got the mini palm frond reflecting in my coffee
 I had a "decorated cake" donut and again I wasn't overly impressed with the dough but I must admit the icing was sublime.  It was super creamy and smooth and I was scared it would be overwhelming sweet.  At first bite it feels like the consistency of a sugar-walloped concoction.  I'm sure it's super sugary but it doesn't overdo it, they got this extra creamy type of icing that doesn't feel like it's a hardened shell on the donut.

VG Bakery
106 Aberdeen Drive
Cardiff, CA. 92007

Quick Score - 7 - A great start to my donut journey
Donut Quality - 7 - I had a few reservations about the dough but overall very good
Donut Selection - 7 - There is a big selection of sweets with all the bakery goods combined but on just donuts itself, they don't have the huge vareity selection I've seen at other places.
Donut Freshness - 8 - Freshness does not seem to ever be a problem here.
Service - 9 - Great service
Extras - 10 - The seating, the other bakery items, the regular coffee tasted very good to me.
Appeal - 10 - High appeal factor b/c it's right by the beach and it feels very independant and very local.
Emotion - 8 - I may have built it up too much in my mind to come out perfect but I was highly satsified with the overall experience
Other's Rating - 10 - It's 4.5/5 overall stars on Yelp but the giant number of reviews are pretty inspiring and the awards thrown in, I'm upping this from a 9 to a 10.
Price - 5 - All seems on the up and up
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Donut holes were giant and maybe not perfect, but still interesting.
Total - 86

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