15 February 2013

Cream Filled Glories @ Jenny's Donuts 95/100

Jenny's Donuts in Redlands was my second stop and a great encore from yesterday's kickoff to the donut journey.  The big surprise for me was the cream puffs, little bite sized cream filled pastry delights with powdered sugar or chocolate toppings.  This is a very impressive alternative to the donut hole.  They have donut holes too, and they were delicious, but for those people who want a bite sized donut other than glazed, here you go!  This is probably better than a donut hole due to the originality.

I also had a lemon-filled powdered donut so my entire itinerary was "filled".  The lemon custard was very good.  No sign of it turning into a jelly-like or clumpy substance inside the pastry.  It was the perfect consistency and balance of lemon and sugar.

It's a great donut display case with all the standards covered.  The cream puffs won me over forever.

Jenny's Donuts
1711 W Lugonia Ave
Redlands, CA. 92374

Quick Score - 9 - Great place for donuts, I only wish I lived closer!
Donut Quality - 10 - Top notch fluffiness and lightness of the dough mixed with great icings and fillings.
Donut Selection - 7 - Not a huge variety but all the standards here.
Donut Freshness - 10 - The fluffiness of the dough can't mean any other than ultimate freshness.
Service - 10 - Very good, helpful and patient service.
Extras - 8 - There is seating and a great sunny location 
Appeal - 10 - High appeal factor b/c it's a great location and great donut spot.
Emotion - 10 - Highly impressed.
Other's Rating - 11 - Between the 5/5 stars on Yelp and the additional awards, I've gotta award an extra point, making this go up to 11.
Price - 5 - Cheaper than San Diego so I'm really pleased.
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Not just donut holes to dunk but also cream puffs!
Total - 95

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