21 February 2013

Amazing Glazed Donuts @ Round Rock Donuts - 95/100

Just a quick jaunt from Austin is the town of Round Rock and a donut shop I had to be sure to hit on the journey.  Round Rock Donuts are famous for their glazed and 'Texas' donuts, a donut shop start date of 1926, and lots of media attention, including Man vs Food.  I was instantly befuddled by the yellow nature of the glazed donuts and donut holes.  After a little research I see that is just the fact the dough recipe is a little heavier on the egg yolk side.  Definitely a great tasting, fluffy, and enjoyable treat. 


The glazed donut is served hot.  You go ahead and order and instead of giving you one sitting in the case, a hot one is brought out from the back.  This is an important part of the greatness, donuts are instantly better still warm.  Any place could do this instead of making you come in right at 5 AM when they're just made, but no one else has!  Round Rock Donuts does this. It is also a little crispy on the outside with very soft insides.  There are lots of places you don't really get the "fried" effect.  Here you truly feel it in your donut.  Which is what you want when you eating fried sugar for breakfast!  I also had an apricot filled donut that was nothing special.  But the donut holes and glazed were really good.

The "Texas"donuts are suitably huge and the major difference between this and others I've seen is that it doesn't have such a gigantic hole in the middle.  Note how thick the actual donut is, it's not just made in a large, skinny circle.   It truly is a "Texas" donut!

It's a great building but pretty small in the customer area so the only seating is right out front.  It was so windy I could not get a good picture, things were flying all over the place!  The drive thru is pretty cool too, you can tell it's built to handle a lot of traffic they're sure to get all day.  

106 W Liberty
Round Rock, TX

Quick Score - 10 - Famous donut that lived up to the hype.
Donut Quality - 9 - Very fluffy and tasty.
Donut Selection - 8 - This is really the only item this place is lacking, they do just a few kinds of donuts and they do them very well.  So, no matter how good the glazed is, I couldn't eat them everyday without more variety, so I'd need a little better selection.
Donut Freshness - 10 - All tasted very fresh.
Service - 11 - Wonderful service and extra point for the drive-thru lady opening the window just to call over to me to say what I gorgeous dog I had.
Extras - 9 - Cakes, cupcakes, kolaches, cookies, pies, assorted baked sweets.
Appeal - 10 - This town actually has charm going for it and the place itself shares that.
Emotion - 9 - I felt really super after the whole experience.
Other's Rating - 9 - 4.5/5 average rating on Yelp 
Price - 5 - Standard donut pricing.
Donut Dunkability - 5 - Great standard donut holes.
Total - 95


  1. Told you Chupy is a chick magnet...

  2. It's true, also had a chick outside an auto parts store down the street compliment her!