04 November 2012

Randy's Donuts - LA Donut Institution - 69/100

I saw the iconic donut in person, the giant embodiment of my culinary lust.  Lots of info on the history and film placement has been gathered on the Wiki.  This stand has been pouring out donuts to Inglewood since the '50s.  

I'm a huge fan of the double drive-thru.  You got a walk-up window in the front and drive-thru windows on both sides.  It feels like classic Southern California fast food architecture, the tip of the hat to LA's legendary car culture.  Drive thru's waste gas and take out that step of actually having to get up and walk, but for donuts and coffee on the way to work, it's a perfect fit.

I have been spoiled by all the grand display cases in so many shops that allow me to peruse the selection.  Y'know, sometimes you don't know what you're in the mood for until you see it.   Randy's can't do that, everything is behind the scenes.  You can try to peer through the window (even the walk-up one) and see them but it's hard.  Makes it difficult when you just order off the menu and then they tell you they're temporarily out.

Another interesting tidbit I learned on my outing: they don't actually make all (or any) of the donuts right there onsite, they actually have them dropped off.  

Randy's Donuts 
805 W Manchester Ave 
Inglewood, CA 90301

Quick Score - 6 - Historical significance can't make up for overall dissapointment
Donut Quality - 8 - Tastes good
Donut Selection - 3 - Limited selection, some sold out
Donut Freshness - 7- Seems reasonably fresh
Service - 5 - Tough communicating through walkup window, imagine drive thru tough too
Extras -8 - No extras but awesome giant donut and double drive thrus
Appeal - 10 - Feels like an institution
Emotion - 5 - I had mixed feelings after my visit, fun experience but a little of a letdown
Other's Rating - 8 - 4/5 stars average rating on Yelp!
Price - 5 - fair pricing
Donut Dunkability - 4 - Coffee available, no donut holes from what I saw
Total - 69


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